Our mission

Our mission is to help people slow down

for the moment

We're here because we believe in slowing down to live more.

Much of what we encounter on a daily basis is designed to speed us up. Slowlii aims to counter this by integrating daily micro-moments into your routine to help you pause, find calm and create the space you need to perform with intention.

Our hope is that Slowlii gives you an extra moment of pause when you need it the most.

A lot can happen in a moment, and we'll be there to help you enjoy it.

let’s take things slow

let’s take things slow

Alicia & Justin

Our founders

We founded Slowlii really to help people - ourselves included - build a habit of slowing down.

Feeling like we were constantly on the go, as many of us so often do, with balancing a busy work and home life. And when we actually did have a minute to spare, we found ourselves resorting to scrolling on our phones.

We weren't as present as we would have liked to have been. While we had both tried to build in a daily meditation practice, we struggled with staying consistent with it, especially once we had three little kids to care for at home.

We wanted to create something that could help us integrate micro-moments into our daily routine to pause, find calm and create the space we needed to really show up better for ourselves and each other.

taking care

giving back

Time is a luxury that many people simply don't have. Our wish for the world is that the time to better oneself is accessible by all.

We are committed to supporting organizations that work with families who don't have the luxury of time on their side - primarily single parent and/or low-income households. Moments are fleeting and we want to help families make the most of them.


Consistent calm

We aim to give people one more moment to slow down and change their state of mind. Slowlii helps create a consistent routine for consistent calm.


It’s time to slow things down and live more.

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