Stories worth Pausing For

Stories worth pausing for

Ordinary Moments

Slowing down to take note of the simple ordinary moments that bring us joy.

Leveraging Light for Better Sleep

"Light is perhaps the most powerful stimulus for our mental, physical health and for our performance in every endeavour" - Andrew Huberman

Managing Stress

The basis of Slowlii came from being and feeling stressed out, so let's take a deep dive into stress: How does stress show up? According to the American Psychological Association (APA), the most common 5 symptoms of stress are irritability / anger, fatigue, lack of motivation/interest, feeling nervous and headaches.  Stress management helps us to remain calm when the body is activated. Dr. Andrew Huberman, Ph.D., Professor of Neurobiology and Opthamology at Stanford University School of Medicine, notes that "the goal of all stress management is to remain calm of mind when the body is activated"  This is easer said than done, but I think we all know that telling yourself (and others) "to calm down" does not work.  Stress is a good thing. It is what gets people up and going,...

A moment with ... our co-founder, Alicia

A Monday with me, or should I say Us :). I have by no means, mastered mornings with kids, but I'm consistently working on being more present and this is a big part of why Slowlii exists.